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More than 6 Years of Experience

Great people make great companies. Knowing this, we are here to bring the best candidates to our clients and help them transform their businesses.

More than 6 Years of Experience

Great people make great companies. Knowing this, we are here to bring the best candidates to our clients and help them transform their businesses.


Talent Acquisition (Recruitment)

Leed HR Services specializes in the search of the most suited candidatures for mid to CXO-level positions. We work with our database, our contacts and links in the industry and our research, and other social media platforms. We follow up with industry mapping wherever required.



Our processes involve a thorough discussion with the client company to understand their needs and expectations from the new position, their organization structure, their growth plans, and top-level HR policies. Internal brainstorming follows this before beginning work on any new kind of requirement.  Our aim is ‘just not to fill in the spot’.  



We believe and work as the ambassadors and partners of our clients when we speak to the candidates, and also guide the client companies wherever needed. We do not hide facts about the candidates to the clients and vice versa.



The team managers are highly qualified and inspiring who efficiently motivate the people, discuss the position, do a quality check and communicate the status of deliverables and gaps if any, to the clients regularly



We understand that time is the essence of any work to be delivered, hence we work with speed, engaging a larger team, if needed, for specific position/s.


Strategy Driven

we save on the time & effort and do not believe in unnecessarily sending a large quantity of candidates.



Again, our focus is on QUALITY rather than on quantity. We employ the best corporate executive recruitment strategies in recruiting in order to meet the challenges of today’s complex business environment. 



Our commitment with the candidates holds equal importance. We portray ourselves as the career shapers of the candidates and we aim to guide them to the right job as well.


Background Verification Services(BGV)

Leed HR is a leading background Verification Company, currently providing services across major cities in India. We are providing our service in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, NCR, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad, Boroda, Nagpur, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh etc…

We are supporting employers through per-employment and post-employment background verification services and Vendor verification services.


Identity Verification

A. Identity check involves validation of all or any of the documents PAN Card, DL, Aadhar in India. The incidents of Identity fraud and theft are on the rise across the world. In such scenarios, it becomes important for every organization to take informed decisions.

It is paramount important for every organization to validate the identity of every individual be it employees, candidates, vendors, or visitors through quick and reliable sources. Identity verification is the first step for ensuring a safe and secure workplace for every employer.

Leed HR offers all such verification services to its clients at affordable rates. Key Checks under identity verification involve Aadhar Verification, PAN Validation, Driving License Check, and Voter ID Verification.


Criminal Record Check

Looking at the boom in the Indian Job Market, employers have to be very careful while selecting the candidates for themselves.

Court Record Check can be one of the tool to know about past background of an individual. Leed HR Background Verification Services provide you a comprehensive criminal record check through court room record check.

Court Room Record Check verifies whether any criminal or civil record exist against any individual by searching the data released by various courts like District Civil Courts & Tribunals, High Courts, Supreme Court in public domain


Education Verification

Education degree / certificate verification in India involves validation of certificates provided by institutes/ boards/ universities. Leed HR Education Degree Verification involves authentication of almost every aspect of the document provided like Roll No, Registration No, The courses, Passing Year, Institutes or Collage affiliation status with university.

The requirement of the technical and academic skills is increasing day by day in every role in every organization. Parallels of it thousands of candidates fabricated their certificates just to get into the dream jobs and better prospects.

This is the reason academic qualification degree certificates verification is become extremely important for every organization.


Address Verification

Address Verification is not only limited to verifying the address of an individual but also provide a unique opportunity to organization to meet with candidates family members. A detailed feedback from the field executive can be very useful for HR’s in further course of employment.

Leed HR address verification is done through physical site visit to each and every address. Our field executive visits the particular address as requested by the employer and meet with family members and neighbors of the candidate.

During the visit of the house he also clicked photographs and capture GPS Coordinates along with signature of the versifiers on the form.


Reference Check

A reference check can provide you useful information, which may have an impact on the hiring decision of the candidate.

It is mandatory to know the personal conduct and attitude of the candidate before hiring him; and what could be a better source than someone who worked with him on the job in current or past employment.

Leed HR provides this reference check service to its clients. Our team conducts the reference check either through email or telephone. We do research the reference own our own before doing the check with them.


Employment Verification

Employment Verification is very useful tool to dig out the information about past employment history of the candidate. Difference between what a candidate is stated in his/her resume about his past employment and what as per HR records of that company could means a serious integrity issue and can be reason for serious issue.

Employment Screening can conducted with any or all of his/her past employers shown by him in his/her resume or declared in employee information form at the time of joining. We are equipped with extensive network and domain expertise to provide you the accurate and useful information.

Our information templates are in the form of questionnaires and can be modified as per your requirement. Some of the key points that Leed HR verified during the employment verification:

  • Does the company exist?
  • What was the tenure of employment with them?
  • Who was reporting manager of the candidate?
  • What was the CTC of the candidate?
  • Any disciplinary or performance-related issues the company faced from that employee?
  • What was employment status full-time or part-time?
  • Whether he/she would be considered for rehiring or not?
  • 3.

    HR Outsourcing Services

    Leed HR Services, with its highly qualified and dynamic team, takes over the HR departments of small to medium-sized organizations. Infant and start-up organizations may not be able to devote a full-fledged HR department and avail services of highly qualified professionals. Leed HR Services comes forward in such situations in an Advisory/ Execution Role to set up its in-house  HR team and give direction and advice till it is mature enough to run its HR department on its own.

    It’s an Ideal solution for small to mid-size companies where there is no HR department or the budget to keep a full-time HR employee.


    Payroll Outsourcing

    Leed HR offers a complete payroll solution through state-of-the-art software that takes care of your payroll cycle. We ensure accurate, streamlined and consistent execution of your company’s payroll with our full-fledged payroll solution that reduces your processing costs. Starting from payroll processing to expense management, leave management, client and employee self-service, query management, reports & analytics, etc. are offered to our payroll services.

    To name a few, here is a list of payroll services, we offer:

    ·         Payroll Management


    ·         Attendance and Leave Management

    ·         Provident Fund

    ·         ESI

    ·         Medical

    ·         Income Tax (TDS)

    ·         Employee Insurance

    ·         Earning Statement/ Salary Slips

    ·         Department Cost Summary

    ·         Employees Grievances/ Query Management

    ·         Payroll Administration on ERP package

    ·         Payroll Check Summary etc.


    Training & Development Outsourcing

    A. Personality Development Professional

    B. Skill Development Training

    C. Health & Safety Training

    D. Statuary & Compliance Training

    E. Functional (Technical) Training


    Statutory & Compliance Management

    A. Shops and Commercial Establishment Compliance

    B. Factory Act Compliance

    C. Payroll Compliance (PF/ ESI/ PT etc.)

    D. HR Compliance Audit Management

    E. Health & Safety Compliance Management

    F. Social Compliance Audit – SA8000:2014, ISO-9001:2015, 14000:2018, 45001:2015 etc…

    G. POSH / POSCO training/ representing in POSH committees.